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 ====== Feedback ====== ====== Feedback ======
-Please provide feedback if you have used or tested ​the HomeLab ​Kit.+Please provide feedback if you have used or tested ​Robotic ​HomeLab ​kit.
-[[Kui oled kasutanud või testinud Kodulabori komplekti anna oma arvamus ka meile teada (Küsimustik on hetkel inglise keeles). +[[https://​spreadsheets.google.com/​viewform?​formkey=dFdFcFJtX2dpRUpRM3NQQjByZmFEN3c6MQ|Online survey]]
-[[https://​spreadsheets.google.com/​viewform?​formkey=dFdFcFJtX2dpRUpRM3NQQjByZmFEN3c6MQ|Küsitlus]] ​|Online survey]]+
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