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-====== ​How to use this page ====== +====== ​Como usar esta página ​====== 
-We would recommend to you, to start with the [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​introduction|Introductional part of AVR microcontroller]], our theoretical basis material, ​dealing with the functionality of e.g. [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​registers|registers]], [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​interrupts|interrupts]] and [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​clock|clock issues]].\\ +Recomendamos que começe pela [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​introduction|Introduçãoo do microcontrolador ​AVR]], ​o nosso material ​teórico de baseonde aboradrá funcionalidades como  ​[[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​registers|registros]], [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​interrupts|interrupções]] and [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​clock|relógios]].\\ 
-If you are firm with the theoretical partyou can go ahead starting with the practical use of the AVR and the [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​examples/​setup|Installation part]], heading to the [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​examples|practical examples]]. Depending on your level of knowledge and getting the idea how to document your projectthe [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​projects|example project part]] would be interesting for you.+Se estiver mais a vontade na parte teóricapode avançar para a utilização prática do AVR na [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​examples/​setup|parte de instalação]], seguindo para [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​examples|exemplos práticos]]. Dependendo do seu nivel de conhecimento e da forma como documenta o projecto[[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​projects|exemplo de projecto ​]] também pode ter interesse.
-===== Contributing ​===== +===== Contribuições ​===== 
-The Network of Excellence is meant as collaboration siteWe hopeyou can and will benefit from its use and our practical examples on the one hand and on the other hand that you will contribute to the contentif you noticesomething is missing or seems faultyYou can always register yourself on the page to take part of discussions and get the extended accessIn case of owner of Robotic HomeLab ​hardware and being teacher in any school you should request the supervisor ​privileges. This will open you the supervisor section with the specific content.+A Rede de Excelência é um website colaborativoEsperamosque possa e venha a beneficiar do seu uso e dos exemplos práticos e quecaso pretendacontribua com conteúdosConvidamo-lo ​registar-se e participar nas discussõesCaso seja responsável por um Robotic HomeLab ​poderá solicitar privilégios de supervisor, o que proporcionara acesso a outras áreas de gestão do website.
-===== Languages ​===== +===== Contacto===== 
-We are currently supporting the following languages and if you likeyou can participate in translating the content to your own language. +Não hesite em nos contactar para colocar qualquer questãosugestão ou comentários
-  * {{:​flags:​en.gif|}}[[en:​start|English - English ]]  +
-  * {{:​flags:​et.gif|}}[[et:​start|Estonian - Eesti]]  +
-  * {{:​flags:​fr.gif|}}[[fr:​start|French - Français]] +
-  * {{:​flags:​de.gif|}}[[de:​start|German - Deutsch]]  +
-  * {{:​flags:​ru.gif|}}[[ru:​start|Russian]] +
- +
-Please note that main language is English, followed by Estonian and German. Other translations might be partly missing or sometimes outdated. +
-===== Contact ===== +
-Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions, suggestions and all other comments.+
 Raivo Sell <​raivo.sell@ttu.ee>​\\ Raivo Sell <​raivo.sell@ttu.ee>​\\
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 Sven Seiler <​sven.seiler@hs-bochum.de>​\\ Sven Seiler <​sven.seiler@hs-bochum.de>​\\
-===== Development ===== 
-The methodology and hardware is developed under support of Life Long Learning programs and private company funds. 
-This site is developed and managed by the Raivo Sell from Tallinn University of Technology and by the support of different EU programmes, private companies and TUT Technology School. 
-Local versions are managed by the following universities:​ 
-  * Estonian: Tallinn University of Technology ​ 
-  * German: University of Applied Sciences Bochum ​ 
-  * Finnish: Helsinki University of Technology 
-  * French: Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology 
-  * Russian: Tallinn School of Mechanics 
-  * Lithuanian: Kaunas University of Technology 
-===== Friends and partners ===== 
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