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 {{:​kit:​kodulaboridjarobotid.jpg?​580|}} {{:​kit:​kodulaboridjarobotid.jpg?​580|}}
-Mechatronics and Robotics HomeLab is an ATmega128 microcontroller based inter-related set of modules that are contained in a portable caseVarious mechatronic and robotic experiments and exercises can be carried out with HomeLab kit, ranging from a simple flashing light to a complex device constructionHomeLab is primarily intended for schools, as it includes methodological materials and exercises with solutions in addition to hardware. HomeLab has been integrated into a web environment,​ which is aimed for students and teachers to boost interaction between each other. In short, the HomeLab kit is a mobile tools suite with the purpose of learning and practicing at home, school or workplace.+Mechatronikos ir robotikos Laboratorinių Darbų Įranga yra sukurta naudojant Atmega128 mikroprocesorių ir yra patalpinta portabiliame lagamineĮvairūs mechatronikos ir robotikos laboratoriniai darbai ir užduotys gali būti atliekami naudojant Laboratorinių Darbų ĮrangąPagrindinis šios įrangos tikslas ​ padėti išmokti mechatronikos pagrindus pritaikyti praktikoje 
-HomeLab ​kit has been developed by Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian companies in  cooperation with European partner universities and Leonardo da Vinci program supportHomeLab modules are bundled into different kitsThe basic suite, which teaches simple digital input and output operations, is called the HomeLab Basic kit. The Sensors and Actuators Add-on kit contains a set of sensors and motors and their driversThe Advanced kit includes both the HomeLab Basic kit, Sensors and Actuators Add-on kitas well as additional modules.+Laboratorinių Darbų Įranga įranga yra sukurta Talino Technologijos Universitete ir Estijos įmonėse bendradarbiaujant su partneriais iš kitų Europos Universitetų bei remiant ​Leonardo da Vinci programaiŠi įranga yra suskirstyta į tris dalisPagrindinis komplektas sudarytas iš mikroprocesoriaus bei įvedimo-išvedimo įrenginiųJutiklių ir vykdiklių komplektas apima įvairius jutiklius ir vykdiklius. Taip pat yra komplektas pažengusiemskuriame sudėta visi prieš tai minėti komponentai
-HomeLab ​Advanced and Basic kits can be successfully used in experiments,​ as a robot base platform and other mechatronics control systems. HomeLab versions are constantly evolving and, therefore every now and then please check whether new exercises have been published or module updates have been released. It is also worthwhile to check the version numbers of modules, some of the exercises and examples are available in newer versions. Significant value to HomeLab is added by DistanceLab. DistanceLab allows HomeLab hardware platform to be used through the web. +HomeLab ​interneto puslapis\\
- +
-HomeLab webpage\\+
 http://​home.roboticlab.eu http://​home.roboticlab.eu
-DistanceLab ​webpage\\+DistanceLab ​interneto puslapis\\
 http://​distance.roboticlab.eu http://​distance.roboticlab.eu
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