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-====== Robotic HomeLab ​kit Community =======+====== Robotic ​& Mechatronic ​HomeLab ​Kit Community ====== 
 +Welcome to the **Network of Excellence** of our **Robotic HomeLab Kit Community**. 
 +This page is a supportive environment for students and teachers using the Robotic HomeLab kit. We are offering learning material and full set of methodologies for the teaching and self education on [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr|AVR microcontroller technology]]. Additionally you can find here information about the [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​hardware/​arm-can|ARM-CAN HomeLab Kit]] or [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​hardware/​avr-can/​controller|AVR-CAN Kit]].\\ 
 +This page is offering you e.g. a bunch of [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​examples|practical examples]], about [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​examples/​digi|digital input/​output]],​ [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​examples/​display|indicators and displays]], [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​examples/​sensor|sensors]] and [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​examples/​motor|motor control]]. 
 +The driving force of this site is **HANDS-ON** learning concept. The figure below is giving you an overview and set of important keywords of the concept trying to force the engineering domain and international collaboration in learning and teaching.
-This site is a supportive environment for the students & teachers using the Robotic HomeLab kit.+{{:​method:​methodology2.png?580|}}
-The methodology and hardware has been developed under the support of Leonardo Da Vinci program. 
-The access ​to the site is divided into three groupsfree access, registered user access and teachersMost material ​is free to use but half of it needs registrationIn case the registered user is a teacher he/she should send a notice to the site manager (depending on the country and school) and the user is added to the teachers groupThis gives additional rights to access the solutions of the exercisesanswers for the questions ​and training materialTo start the navigation ​of the sitejust select ​the appropriate language ​on the left menu and then the topic of interest.+====== How to use this page ====== 
 +We would recommend to you, to start with the [[http://home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​introduction|Introductional part of AVR microcontroller]],​ our theoretical basis material, dealing with the functionality ​of e.g. [[http://home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​registers|registers]][[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​interrupts|interrupts]] ​and [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​avr/​clock|clock issues]].\\ 
 +If you are firm with the theoretical part, you can go ahead starting with the practical use of the AVR and the [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​examples/​setup|Installation part]]heading to the [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​examples|practical examples]]. Depending ​on your level of knowledge ​and getting ​the idea how to document your project, the [[http://​home.roboticlab.eu/​en/​projects|example project part]] would be interesting for you.
 +===== Contributing =====
 +The Network of Excellence is meant as collaboration site. We hope, you can and will benefit from its use and our practical examples on the one hand and on the other hand that you will contribute to the content, if you notice, something is missing or seems faulty. You can always register yourself on the page to take a part of discussions and get the extended access. In case of owner of Robotic HomeLab hardware and being teacher in any school you should request the supervisor privileges. This will open you the supervisor section with the specific content.
-For contact, questions, suggestions and all other comments:+===== Languages ===== 
 +We are currently supporting the following languages and if you likeyou can participate in translating the content to your own language. 
 +  * {{:​flags:​en.gif|}}[[en:​start|English - English ]]  
 +  * {{:​flags:​et.gif|}}[[et:​start|Estonian - Eesti]]  
 +  * {{:​flags:​fr.gif|}}[[fr:​start|French - Français]] 
 +  * {{:​flags:​de.gif|}}[[de:​start|German - Deutsch]]  
 +  * {{:​flags:​ru.gif|}}[[ru:​start|Russian]] 
 +Please note that main language is English, followed by Estonian and German. Other translations might be partly missing or sometimes outdated. 
 +===== Contact ===== 
 +Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions, suggestions and all other comments
 +Raivo Sell <​raivo.sell@ttu.ee>​ - Estonina, English part\\ 
 +Sven Seiler <​seiler@it-matters.eu>​ - German part\\ 
 +===== Development ===== 
 +The methodology and hardware is developed under support of Life Long Learning programs and private company funds. 
 +This site is developed and managed by the Raivo Sell from Tallinn University of Technology and by the support of different EU programmes, private companies like ITT Group. 
 +Local versions are managed by the following universities:​ 
 +  * Estonian: Tallinn University of Technology / ITT Group 
 +  * German: University of Applied Sciences Bochum  
 +  * Finnish: Helsinki University of Technology 
 +  * French: Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology 
 +  * Russian: Tallinn School of Mechanics 
 +  * LithuanianKaunas University of Technology
-Raivo Sell\\ 
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