IoT HomeLab kit

IoT Homelab Basic kit

The IoT HomeLab Basic kit consist of two main controllers, 3 shields, encoder/switch and USB cables.

  • 2 x ESP microcontrollers
  • 2 x Micro USB
  • Temperature/Humidity shield
  • Relay Shield
  • Sensor shield
  • Encoder/Switch

IoT HomeLab Add-On kit

IoT HomeLab Add-On kit consist of 5 shields, one small RC servo motor and a AC current sensor.

  • OLED Display shield
  • LED Matrix shield
  • RGB LED shield
  • Buzzer shield
  • PIR shield
  • Button shield
  • RC Servo motor
  • Current Sensor

Connecting Shields

Connecting shields has been made very easy, by just inserting the shield atop of the controller. Also it possible to add sensor between controller and shield or even buzzer shield.

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