Operating robot arm to slide brick on the rail

On the “floor” of RoboArm laboratory there is a brick, which can be moved by using arm. The brick is placed in rail, which ensure linear moving only. Sending command to servomotors and stepmotors, students can move the brick.

Target group

This hands-on lab guide is intended for the Undergraduates.


At the beginning, students should make both exercises for Beginners at this laboratory (controling stepmotor and servomotors). Additionaly students should understanding of working proximity sensors.


  1. using schematic, check ESP ports which I2C controlled,
  2. using schematic, check ESP ports which DIR and STEP (stepmotor) controlled,
  3. using schematic, check ESP port which servomotors signal controlled (PWM),
  4. using schematic, check ESP port which proximity sensors controlled,
  5. using documentation of sensor check registers of accelerometer,
  6. using documentation check working of proximity sensor,
  7. using display documentation check way for display digits on HD44780,
  8. check I2C address for every device,
  9. append programs from both previously exercises, which will can move stepmotor and servomotor,
  10. find points (sending command to stepmotor and servomotor) in trajectory which to make way shifting brick
  11. write the program loop which shifting the brick from left wall to right wall. After indicate brick near right wall, reverse direction of shifting.

NOTE: For reverse direction, end of arm has to move above the brick.


Effect of running algorithm, can be observed via camera. Second way for acknowledge is observe signal from proximity sensors.


Result validation

Provide some result validation methods, for self assesment.


This section is to be extended as new questions appear.
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