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Synchronize servo, stepmotor using accelerometer to ensure linear route of the end of the robot arm

Give few words about this scenario. Provide some objectives and impact on the students.

Target group

This hands-on lab guide is intended for the Beginners/Undergraduates/Masters/Professionals. Choose appropriate.


Provide prerequisite readings/hardware/software/software libraries/skills if other than stated in the Laboratory Description. If none, remove along with the header. Please note some of those may be common for all scenarios (i.e. mqtt library), so provide it in the laboratory description level, not in the scenario level.


Describe scenario to let the user understand its idea and process. Write information about the approach, algorithm, etc. (depends on the lab). Provide useful information about protocols, assumptions, addresses (i.e. communication servers), credentials, etc.


Describe expected result when scenario is finished.


Write starting conditions, i.e. what to do at the beginning, what to pay attention before beginning, how the mechanical part should look like, etc.


Write some extra information if i.e. some steps are optional otherwise cancel this paragraph (but do not remove header).

Step 1

Describe activities done in Step 1.

Step n

Describe activities done in Step n.

Result validation

Provide some result validation methods, for self assesment.


This section is to be extended as new questions appear.
When using the printed version of this manual please refer to the latest online version of this document to obtain the valid and up-to-date list of the FAQ. Provide some FAQs in the following form:
Question?: Answer.

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