Controling fan rotation using PWM and spindle gauge

Easy scenario. Students should change of fan rotation in the lab. Warning: directly observed fan rotation is impossible (due net lag)

Target group

This hands-on lab guide is intended for the Beginners.


Generally students need understand voltage controlled by PWM. For realising scenario, students need access to documentation PWM register.


  1. using schematic, check fan connection,
  2. using ESP documentation check registers with PWM controling,
  3. write the program which:
  • send value 0 as duty of PWM,
  • wait 15 seconds,
  • send value 50 as duty of PWM,
  • wait 15 seconds,
  • send value 100 as duty of PWM.
  1. using the camera observe spindle gauge.
  2. You can use other wait time and value of duty, but wait time should allow observe effect by camera (against net lag)


On display should be visible value of effective voltage on fan.


Check the start effective voltage.


Instead using built-in PWM, you can send “0” and “1” for obtain required duty factor.

Result validation

Only way for validation is check spindle gauge by camera.


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