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 ====== Example project ====== ====== Example project ======
 +Electric buggy for educational use in vocational schools for automotive students. Possible to use track days in cross country tracks or in winter time when slippery. It is main design purpose is to be a platfrom for studying electric vehicle technology. Buggy type of vehicle is best for that purpose because all the parts and systems are visible through the frame construction. It is made so that there would be minimal risks of electric shock. Low voltage design 60V. To get reasonable power, very high current controller is used. Battery is mounted similiarly as usual road EV-s it is possible to practice EV service with smaller and lighter battery pack then on real electric cars. Battery, weight about 80kg. Nowadays some cars have already 500kg battery pack that can be dangerous to lift by students. Here you have to take into account of the price of real battery if something goes wrong. Also it is not very easy to guarantee safety of the stundents near 400V battery pack. Workshop regulations even do not allow unqualified people near real EV when high voltage systems opened.
 +===== Mechanics =====
 +  - Steel tube frame one seat off road buggy
 +  - rear wheel drive 
 +  - four wheel independent suspension
 +  - battery under the bottom of the vehicle (under the seat).
 +  - racing shock absorbers
 +  - front and rear disc brakes
 +===== Electrical circuit =====
 +  - stationary TC Charger 8kW for fast charging
 +  - onboard 1kW charger
 +  - DC/DC converter 72V - 12V
 +  - brake light
 +===== Control and drives =====
 +  - DC series exited motor
 +  - Curtis controller 72V 500A
 +  - curtis potbox for accelerator pedal
 +===== Monitoring instruments =====
 +  - BMS123 battery cell monitoring system
 +  - battery SOC state of charge gauge
 +  - voltmeter
 +  - ammeter
 +===== Driving =====
 +Helmet mandatory.Preferably on cross country race track or grass. Not for asphalt use because of the design of rear axle - no differential. The car cannot turn without one rear wheel slipping. Like in kart racing. Otherwise if there would be a differential the wehicle would spin one wheel on start and acceleration would suffer.
 +===== Maintenance =====
 +  - Brake pads
 +  - Suspension parts
 +  - Chain lubrication
 +  - every year check motor brush wear
 +  - Battery capacity check
 +  - battery change
 +  - safety switch
 +  - battery balancing
 +  - cell replacement
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