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-====== Overview of electrical ​Vehicles ======+====== Overview of Electric ​Vehicles ====== 
 +===== Types and terminology ===== 
 +  * EV - electric vehicle 
 +  * BEV - battery electric vehicle 
 +  * HEV - hybrid electric vehicle 
 +  * PHEV - plug in hybrid electric vehicle 
 +  * E-REX - extended range electric vehicle 
 +  * ICE - Internal Combustion Vehicle 
 +===== History and use cases ===== 
 +EV-s were quite popular at the 19-th century. But fossil powered vehicles took over in the beginning of 20-th century. 
 +|Beginning 1801-1850|First Age 1851-1900|Boom and Bust 1901-1950|Second Age 1951-2000|Third Age 2001-2020| 
 +|The earlyest electric vehicles were invented in Scotland an the USA|Electric vehicles enter the market and start to find broad appeal.|EVs reach historical peaks of production but are then displaced by petrol-engine cars|High oil prices and pollution created a new interest in electric vehicles|Public and private sectors now commit to vehicle electrification| 
 +|1832-39 Robert Anderson of Scotland built the first prototype electric carriage| 1888 GER 1.-st Four wheel EV car| 1908 Petrol Ford Model-T comes to mass production ​ | 1973 OPEC oil embargo high oil prices interest in EVs | Oil prices reached record high | 
 +|1834 Thomas Davenport of the USA invented the first DC electric motor in a car that operates on a circular electrified track| 1899 FRA 1.-st EV over 100km/h | 1912 Kettering invented electric starter motor for petrol cars | 1996 California ZEV requirement,​ GM produced EV1 electic car | 2011 Nissan Leaf was launched and it got European car of the year award | 
 +| | 1900 EV-s were best selling road vehicles in USA 28% of the market | By 1935, the number of EVs dropped almost to Zero and ICE vehicles dominated because of cheap petrol | 1997 JAP Toyota starts selling Prius worlds first commercial hybrid. 18000 were sold that year | 2012 Tesla Model S 0-100km/h 2.8sec 500km range starts new EV boom in 21 century March 2020 Tesla has produced 1 000 000 EV-s| 
 +Table shows that private car manufacturing started at 1830-s from EV-s. 2020 there was a possibility that history of a car repeats, VW and other bog carcompanys have promised to produce millions of new EV-s. But is it a solution to personal transport problem? By achieving the goal of selfdriving vehicles there will be no need to own personal car because selfdriving car can take you to work and then instead of standing the whole day at parking spot an waste city space for nothing, it can serve other people who need a ride, like a taxi but fully automated and ofcourse fully electric drive! 
 +BMW, VW and Daimler-Benz 90's. Electric Vehicle projects and protoypes:​ 
 +Article of German car manufacturers EV-s]] 
 +VW full EV history can be read from their media site: https://​www.volkswagen-newsroom.com/​en/​stories/​charged-up-for-more-than-40-years-4373 
 +BMW EV history also:​https://​www.press.bmwgroup.com/​global/​article/​detail/​T0134915EN/​40-years-of-electric-mobility-at-the-bmw-group-from-the-bmw-1602-to-the-bmw-i3 
 +Overwiev of BMW EV-s 1972 - 2013: 
 +photo: press.bmwgroup.com 
 +===== Technology overview ===== 
 +Lithium batteries LiFePo4, LiPo, Li-ion, NMC, asynchronous and syncrhonous motors, IGBT and SiC MOSFET (Silicon Carbide MOSFET) inverters or controllers. 
 +Model3 - PMSRM, Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Motor.  
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